Introducing Carrotmob Cape Town: 18 November

Join us for the first Carrotmob event on the African continent at Maria’s Café in Cape Town. Your hosts have committed 100% of the money that is spent on the night towards making Maria’s an even more environmentally and socially responsible business.

When:                     Friday 18 November 2011
Time:                       17h00 – 22h30
Where:                   Maria’s Café, Dunkley Square, Gardens

Marias Cafe Cape Town

Outside Maria's Cafe. Image courtesy David Harrison.

Since 2008, Carrotmob events have been organised all over the world. So far none have taken place in Africa. On Friday 18 November we will kick off the South African Carrotmob movement in Cape Town.

What is a Carrotmob? Carrotmob is a global movement aimed at creating social change. It builds upon the power of consumers to change the way in which businesses operate. A large group of customers are organised to “mob” a business on a certain day. They purchase the same goods or services that they would normally buy, but this time they go to the Carrotmob host business. In return for the increase of revenue on that day, the business agrees to invest a certain percentage of the profits into improving its environmental or social impact. A Carrotmob uses a “carrot” instead of a “stick” to change business behaviour. It is a “buycott” instead of a “boycott”.

Are you a citizen that is concerned about social and environmental issues but feel that existing methods to enact change are ineffective, impractical or confrontational? If so, we encourage you to join our Carrotmob to engage businesses and consumers in a new and positive way.

A Carrotmob is a win-win proposition. The Carrotmob business partner will benefit from boosting their sales, free positive marketing and enhanced reputation. Consumers get to know a new, positive form of activism and have a great experience. Society wins by the positive impact done by the business as well as increased awareness of environmental and social issues.

The Climate Smart Cape Town Campaign team decided to target restaurants in Cape Town’s city centre for the first Carrotmob. A number of restaurants were approached and the concept of a Carrotmob was explained. Each business submitted a proposal that outlined how much of the revenue it would commit to reducing implementing sustainable business practises. The business with the most ambitious bid was awarded the event. We are very pleased to hold Africa’s first Carrotmob at Maria’s Café in Gardens.

Maria’s has committed 100% of the revenue from the event to the following:

  • A communal composting system for use by neighbouring restaurants and residents
  • An urban garden to grow herbs and fresh produce for the restaurant
  • A manual to guide the hospitality industry to operate more sustainably
  • Education and training of staff, suppliers and customers
  • Use of natural and/or organic products and services
  • Investment in solar panels
  • Purchase of green electricity certificates

Cleon and Kate Romano, the owners, have committed 100% of the Carrotmob proceeds to implementing these commitments. The more people that show up – the more money goes towards implementing these actions.

Join us for a drink, great food and music. You will be able to pick up some information on climate change and find out how you can make a difference.

Download the Carrotmob Cape Town PDF flyer. Please forward it to your friends and family.

If you walk, cycle or take public transport to Maria’s – you will be rewarded.

This Carrotmob is a project of Climate Smart Cape Town and Lead SA  – 567 Cape Talk.

Bring your friends and spread the word on Facebook ( and Twitter (

To find out more about Carrotmobs, watch these two short videos on and

Examples of previous Carrotmobs are introduced here: and

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