COP17 Climate Smart Cape Town events: 5 to 9 December

Climate Smart Cape Town Pavilion eventsThe award winning Climate Smart Cape Town Pavilion in the Climate Change Response (CCR) Expo will host a number of interesting events during the final week of COP17. All events are open to the public.

For more information contact Julia Karl on 071 026 2393 or Visit our blog to read a summary of the events from each day in the COP17 Climate Smart Cape Town daily.

There is also a full COP17 programme of events, entertainment and activities open to the public. Download the COP17 Event Programme as a PDF and visit for details.

The below list includes all Climate Smart Cape Town planned events from Monday 5 to Friday 9 December 2011. Download the Climate Smart Cape Town Event Programme as a PDF.

Monday 5 December

  • 11h00: Climate Change Think Tank Pecha Kucha by Anton Cartwright. Anton is the head of the African Centre for Cities (ACC) Climate Change City Lab, which aims to create an interdisciplinary platform that will embed climate knowledge in municipal development.
  • 12h00: Panel discussion titled “Has the urgency of the Climate Change agenda forced us to lose our critical faculties?”. This event will focus on the urgency of climate change and the critical role that local government must play in both addressing climate change and preparing for a changed climate. The panel will be facilitated by Peter Willis and include Stephen Granger, Anton Cartwright, Edgar Pieterse, Cormac Cullinan, Cathy Sutherland, Mark New, Hilton Trollip (tbc) and Rose Diabb (tbc).
  • 14h30: Can Carrotmobs change the world Pecha Kucha by Julia Karl. Julia is the coordinator of the Climate Smart Cape Town campaign and organised the first Carrotmob in Africa in Cape Town on 18 November. She has worked extensively in environmental and social projects and was involved in the City of Cape Town’s 2010 FIFA World Cup Green Goal Programme. Julia has an academic background in Environmental Resource Management.
  • 17h00: Panel discussion titled “Tilting at Windmills – asking hard questions on renewables”. It has become very clear that the current carbon heavy energy industries are not a sustainable solution. During our panel discussion we will ask how we can shift towards a greener economy and make use of renewable energy. The panel will be facilited by Hilton Trollip and include Brian Jones, Belinda Walker, Wikus van Niekerk and Jenny Cargill.

Tuesday 6 December

  • 11h00: An experiment in temporary outdoor spaces Pecha Kucha by Stephen Lamb.
  • 12h00: A panel discussion on the Sea Level Rise and Coastal Protection facilitated by Garreth Bloor and including Gregg Oelefse, Andrew Mather (tbc), Helen Davies, Deputy Mayor of Rio Muniz (tbc) and Lucinda Fairhurst. The current sea level rise potentially impacts human populations for example those living in coastal regions and on islands and the wider natural environment. Therefore Coastal Protection is an essential issue to focus on during these times of a changing climate.
  • 14h30: Solar electrical power for change Pecha Kucha by Matthias Weber.
  • 16h00: A panel discussion title “Local Government Initiatives on Climate Change – How the Mexico City Pact, CarbonN Register, African Mayors Declaration on Climate Change and Resilient Cities among others are advancing climate change action in cities”. Local governments have made countless efforts to reduce greenhouse gas effects and such efforts collectively represent a powerful way to prove that a great number of communities, politicians, businessmen and people are in fact modifying our behaviour, public policies and investments to mitigate emissions that cause climate change and adapt cities to this phenomenon. The panel will be facilited by Kobie Brand and participants include Sarah Ward, Yunus Arikan (tbc), Anna Romero, Martha Delgado (tbc), Belinda Walker, the Deputy Mayor of Rio Muniz (tbc) and Lykke Leonardsen.

Wednesday 7 December

  • 11h00: Responsible Tourism Pecha Kucha by Cathy Alberts from Cape Town Tourism.
  • 12h00: The panel, facilited by Rama Naidu and including Russell Galt, Stanley Visser, Vanessa Black, Paula Osborne, Dr Christoph Trusen and Dr Ilse Trautmann, will discuss Urban Agriculture and Climate Change. The urban agricultural sector in Sub-Saharan Africa faces immense challenges from growing population numbers and decreasing resources. The panelists discuss innovative models and sustainable solutions. This event will be held at the Local Government Pavilion Auditorium.
  • 14h30: Climate Smart Cape Town Campaign and the Cape Town Climate Change Coalition Pecha Kucha by Stephen Granger.
  • 17h00: Presentation by Grace Stead from icologie and Stephen Lamb from Touching the Earth Lightly on the greening of COP.

Thursday 8 December

  • 11h00: MyCiti bus system Pecha Kucha by Donald Cupido.
  • 14h30: Local Governtment Perspectives in Adressing Climate Change Pecha Kucha by Helen Davies, Director: Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change and Biodiversity, Department of Environmental Affairs and Planning, Provincial Government Western Cape.
  • 17h00: Launch of the report titled “Sustainable Mega-Events in Developing Countries: Experiences and Insights from South Africa, India and Brazil”. This report looks at how can Mega-Events, such as the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup™ in South Africa, the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India as well as the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, were used as catalysts for sustainable urban development. Based on three country case studies the authors analyze challenges and opportunities that come with such events. The facilitator will be Christian Huebner and speakers include Dr Werner Boehler, Frank Spengler, Mark Borchers, Shailly Kedia and Dr Christoph Trusen.

Friday 9 December

  • 11h00: A panel discussion titled “Green Economy – Vision of the Western Cape” with Alan Winde (Western Cape Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism), Anton Bredell (Western Cape Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning), Xanthea Limberg (President of the Young Independent Democrats) and an African Centre for Cities representative (tbc). A green economy is one that results in improved human well-being and social equity. The panellist discuss different visions for a green future for the Western Cape region.

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